Automation solutions for your plant or machinery

All in One: Automation solutions for your plant or machinery

As a complete safe automation supplier, we support the economical, reliable and safe implementation of automation tasks. Innovative products and systems are available for this purpose – where safety and automation are merged in hardware and software.
We offer complete automation solutions. From sensor technology through to control and drive technology. So you can resolve your automation tasks using one partner for safety and automation.

The perfect combination

Safe sensors and decentralised modules work in conjunction with the various control systems to guarantee that plant and machinery operate efficiently and in compliance with the standards. Turnkey systems and universally compatible solutions offer high potential savings in project configuration, design, documentation
and purchasing. With magnetic and coded safety switches, safety gate systems and safety light grids – the versatile portfolio enables customised automation solutions to suit the widest range of requirements.

The various automation solutions in the field of drive technology range from drive-integrated solutions and safe logic functions to the connection of visualisation, sensor and actuator technology for every system environment.

We're taking the next step and keeping your automation fully in view

With PASvisu, Pilz is providing a web-based visualisation software to complete your projects. With Pilz visualisation software you are investing in the future. Not only do you have fast, safe automation, but you also speed up your projects – from engineering to commissioning and maintenance.

Automation tasks: complete and simple solution!

  • One system for safety and automation
  • High level of scalability for individual automation solutions
  • Open communication for maximum flexibility
  • Extensive diagnostic options for reduced machine downtimes
  • Innovative software solutions for simple configuration and programming